Know your vocal cords and play your voice chords

Voice problems

Anatomical Secondary to structural changes, Choking, Strangulation other Accidental causes, Thyroid,Parathyroid thymus or any neck lesions can lead to voice problems.

Thyroid and parathyroid glands

    Thyroid Goitre:


Physiological:Exessive use, dehydration,Insomnia,Deconditioning etc

Psychological: Anxiety,Neurosis,Fear, Phobias, Dysthimia, Depression etc.,

Other Causes:

Central Causes:Brain damage secondary to Stroke,Tumors, Infection, Abcess especially at the temporal region of the brain.Head Injuries like Skull fracture, Concussion, Hemtoma even blunt injuries can lead to problems with voice.

Any lesions around or within the lobe can lead to speeech and voice problems.

Preipheral Causes:

 Any damage to the nerves supplying the larynx can lead to voice problems.

Can also result from brain stem lesions.

Motor Neuron disease:

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